Annual Recruitment 2014

Global Leader program, powered by AIESEC, offers university students of age 18 – 25 years old a one kind of opportunity of self-discovery and personal career development while getting hands on practical experience through different fields and delivering youth leadership impact across AIESEC’s global network.


1. Improve your organizational and communication skills through delivering development experiences.
2. Learn how to develop and manage meaningful social projects and events.

3. Enhance your understanding of business through experiencing the corporate world.
4. Add tremendous value to your resume through engaging in experiential leadership experiences.
5. Participate in various conferences and training seminars to develop a diverse set of skills needed in competitive market.

To become a Global Leader, AIESEC in Islamabad gives you the opportunity to join as
Social Entrepreneur or Business Developer. 

GlobalLeaderTemplates_Individual2Global leader Business Development program improves your understanding of business by establishing a good connection with corporate world. The program focuses on sales, marketing, communications, PR, financial management, networking, stakeholder management, product packaging and branding.


Global Leader Social Entrepreneurship program enables you to develop and manage impactful social projects and events by working in an interactive teamwork environment where you will implement and learn about planning, market research, event management, international relations, budgeting and product development.


Follow the procedure to become a Global Leader!

Stage 1: Application Form and Payment
Get an application form by attending one of our Help Desks or Information Sessions in your university. You can also get the forms through the Campus Ambassador of your university or download the application form from the given link and send it to the following email address:

Click here to download the application form!

Stage 2: Group Activity Sessions
Once the application forms have been screened and payment has been made by the applicant, the selected applicants will be invited for an assessment center/ group activity session. 
Applicants will be divided into different groups and will be given various tasks to work on collectively, focusing on leadership qualities and ability to work effectively within teams. Time and date will be communicated via email, texts and Facebook announcements.

Stage 3: Interview
Once the applicant clears Stage 2, he/she will be called in for panel interviews. The questions in interviews are designed to test prospective candidates on their ability to innovate and adapt to spontaneous situations. Details will be provided through email, texts and Facebook announcements.

Upon clearing the selection process, selected applicants will be invited to a
local induction seminar to gain in-depth portfolio training and meet their fellow AIESEC members.


Stay tuned for further details and announcements at The AIESEC in Islamabad official recruitment page and follow us on Twitter @AIESECISB

Take a look at our recruitment video to find out about some of the portfolios AIESEC in Islamabad has to offer!