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With a network of 124 countries and over 20,000 international internships each year, AIESEC offers more than an international experience. The AIESEC Global Exchange Program offers you the most intense learning experience by enabling you to live and work in a foreign country as you nurture your passions and fight your fears. Volunteer in a challenging environment, or gain professional development and a first step on your career path. The Global Exchange Program has two tracks: 

  1. Global Community Development Program
  2. Global Internship Program.

Global Community Development Program (GCDP): Global-Citizen

Also known as AIESEC’s Global Citizen Programme, this is an international volunteer experience where you work on issue-based projects. Learn to manage a project and immerse yourself in an intense cultural learning environment.

Duration: 6-8 weeks
Eligibility: Undergraduate (all fields of study)

The Global Citizen Programme is an opportunity for young people to develop entrepreneurial and responsible leadership skills. A young volunteer travels across the world to go through a cultural learning experience while working for projects and NGO’s that aim to create positive impact in society based on specific issues (ex. education, sustainability, community development etc.)

Global Internship Program (GIP):

AIESEC’s Global Internship Programme helps you find a placement in an organization in another country for 2-18 months. Gain cultural understanding and challenging personal and professional development in a start-up, corporation or NGO.

Duration: 6 months to 1 year
Eligibility: Undergraduate students in their final year / Recent Graduates 

The Global Talent Programme gives students and recent graduates the opportunity to take on a cross-cultural professional development experience with some of the top companies from around the world. The Programme specifically targets skill development both to meet the education plan of the intern participating as well as to support filling a talent need for the company.  

AIESEC in Islamabad | Exchange Program Recruitment

AIESEC in Islamabad recruits the Exchange Participants by conducting two recruitment cycles during an year:

  1. Winter Exchange Recruitment Cycle (September – November)
  2. Summer Exchange Recruitment Cycle (March – May)

Applications for Summer Exchange Recruitment 2014 are now closed!

The steps of the selection procedure are as follows:

Stage 1: Application Form

Step I: Get an application form from one of our information sessions at your university or download when provided.

Step II: Fill the application form and submit it with Rs. 200 as form fee to the listed Campus Coordinator from your university.

 *For those of you, who wish to submit the application form online, 
email it at
by naming the form with your name and university

Stage 2: Interview

Successful candidates from stage 1 will now be called for an interview. Time and date will be communicated later via Email and Facebook Announcements.

Upon clearing the selection process, selected applicants will be invited to a
local induction seminar.

For any questions or queries, please find us on Facebook

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For more information on Exchange, please contact:

Neeha Ali

Vice President Outgoing Exchange