What I Expect from AIESEC

By: Sarah Qureshi (Teamster B&C)

DREAM BIG! That’s what I’ve always been taught and that’s exactly what I do. Certainly we all have some aims and goals in life. To me, AIESEC is a platform which will help me achieve those objectives.

I joined AIESEC for several reasons. One major reason was it will help me grow as a person. When you start working on various projects, you learn to work in a team which helps in acquiring knowledge and making stronger bonds with fellow AIESEC-ers. AIESEC makes a student professional and opens different avenues for you. The internships known as Exchange provide a whole new experience, an evolution in one’s personality and will help a student to step out of his comfort zone by experiencing new cultures and diversity of ideas, thinking and people.

A student run organization, AIESEC is running various projects within Islamabad for social work. A prime example is that of AIESEC in Islamabad’s oldest project ‘Parhay Ga Pakistan’. The young AIESEC-ers are working with their heart and soul to bring a change for better through an emphasis on education for under-privileged students. I myself endeavor to bring many positive attributes in our society.

AIESEC has gained a very sound footing and a positive image over a short time and undoubtedly it is because of the hard work of AIESEC-ers. As a member of this organization, I am expecting to learn from the experiences and endless opportunities throughout my AIESEC career. After all, I’ve yet to fulfill my dreams and goals and AIESEC will help me accomplish them.