AIESEC: Bringing Out the Better YOU!

By Sarah Qureshi (Teamster B&C)

Relatively a new recruit, I have been blessed with very friendly and open-hearted people in AIESEC. It’s definitely not easy to be a new comer anywhere, whether it’s your new job, new school, or new country, but you’d be one lucky person if you get to know good people and they help you getting your things done, polishing you and help create the better YOU.

Before the induction for new members, I was very confused. I was not sure if I wanted to peruse this. But the induction turned out to be an icebreaker for me! Starting from the LCP being very warm and welcoming to all other AIESEC-ers trying their best to make me feel like I am one of them was a good feeling. It was very fascinating yet confusing at the same time. There were so many terms and things about AIESEC I did not know but all of them still tried to make me feel like one of them. They all made sure to deliver the information in the easiest and appropriate way. While all this was happening, I saw a very successful professional person in each of them. They were confident, smart, devoted to their work, had leadership skills and what not.

Don’t we all desire this? To be confident? To have youthful leadership skills and exposure to polish us? That’s right. AIESEC brings out the better YOU. Work which is assigned to us makes us more of organized person. It gives us recognition and challenges to make us better and diversified. AIESEC gives you wings to fly with which you learn and experience in a very friendly and awesome environment.