‘Parhay Ga Pakistan’- AIESEC Shapes Lives and Helps Educate People

By Ayesha Khan (Teamster B&C)


Parhay Ga Pakistan,’ is AIESEC in Islamabad’s pioneer project, an initiative taken by us for those who cannot afford education on their own and for those who are deprived of the opportunity and to create in them the significance of education. Interns are called from different countries, hired for the purpose of teaching these children.

This project helped educate unfortunate children and has been successful from its onset in maneuvering and delivering what it was set out to deliver.

The purpose of this project is not just to increase awareness of education in our country but to likewise welcome interns to come forth and explore Pakistan through helping these children and in turn being able to experience a first hand exploration of the country which is quite contrary to the media propaganda that is aimed at tarnishing Pakistan’s image in the global sphere. Most interns that were realized and took part in this project had extremely positive views and their feedback goes out to show as to how appealing Pakistan can be to foreigners who wish to have a unique and rich cultural experience.

The interns participating in this project have had some views they would like to share with everyone.



‘My internship involved working with The SOS Children’s Village in Islamabad. I found the kids here lovely and really enjoyed living and working with them, it’s like a big family! I also picked up some Urdu words like, mera naam Gabriel hai!



INES SUE- Parhay ga Pakistan- (TAIWAN)

‘My time at Roshni School not only changed my attitude to life, but also reminded me of the importance of education. All in all, I HAVE TO SAY, the best thing about Pakistan is its people! My internship with AIESEC in Islamabad brought me great experience.”


FREDA SUN- Parhay Ga Pakistan- (CHINA)

‘I can surely say that contrary to all stereotypes of Pakistanis, they are truly very independent, open and have amazing thoughts on the on-going issues. Pakistani culture is perfectly preserved by local people, in their attitudes towards daily life. I find Pakistanis extremely easygoing and hospitable. My experience in Pakistan was amazing!

The feedback from the interns who have worked under this project is proof that PGP has not only helped in imparting education among less fortunate children who have limited resources, it gives these children to interact with interns from abroad and have an exchange of cultures, traditions and their heritage at a young age. They are able to interact with the interns and that is a very good platform to offer them a chance to learn about different countries and to even adopt certain aspects of their culture. Interns who visit and take part in the project also learn about our culture. Their perceptions about Pakistan that were heavily influenced by the media are completely changed due to the first hand experience and the interaction they are involved in while teaching the children. It is an excellent exchange of views and heritage and a perfect way to offer a platform to stimulate such cultural interactions.

Every now and then we see statistics about illiteracy booming in our country, take the right to education farther away from those who are deprived of it already.

Have we played our part having the finest of educational resources at hand and the abilities to impart learning to the deserving part of the community?

A pioneer Project of AIESEC in Islamabad is striving to mend the educational disparity partnering with renowned welfare organizations such as SOS Village and Volunteer Women’s Organization. The project, Parhay ga Pakistan, has hosted several foreign interns providing them the platform to teach the deprived little souls at out partner organizations. In addition to teaching the children, our interns spend quality recreational time with them and provide them the exposure to cultural diversity which may seem too far fetched a dream, otherwise.

“Parhay ga Pakistan aims to thrive in its mission and continue endorsing teachers from all parts of the world and contribute to a more educated Pakistan.”

–          Former Team Leader PGP, Ayesha Hayat Vaince.