Four NEVERs for an AIESECer

By Amna Ahsan (Team Leader Information Management team)

  1. Never be afraid to stand up and speak.
    An AIESECer should never be scared to ask the right question, present a new perspective to a topic or take part in a discussion. Always be confident about your opinions, be original and let yourself speak. AIESECers are all individuals working with the same vision of channelizing the youth, and they seek every platform available to bring in positivity within the society through their words followed by actions!

Image2. Never stay back from talking to a stranger!

  1. AIESECers have vast networks of colleagues and friends. If you’re an AIESEC you should never keep yourself from going up to a random stranger and talking about common interests and how you could impact the society together.



3. Never be scared of trying new things!

AIESECers have the craving for adventure and for taking risks. May it be trying to seek out a new venture in terms of projects or partnership, or strategizing for huge plans like engaging with the maximum youth by 2015, AIESECers always plan big!



4. Never judge.

There’s one fundamental rule, ‘We don’t judge in AIESEC’. We believe that every AIESECer is doing well in his own capacity, and in AIESEC we celebrate differences, accept opinions and appreciate difference of perspectives. After all, we want you to excel within your own caliber and be YOURSELF. Hence, we don’t judge.