By Ayesha Khan (Teamster B&C)


AIESEC as we have heard is the largest student run organization which operates globally in bringing students all over the world together and through it’s core product, Exchange, it bridges the gulf between countries and allow for a rich cultural exchange.For 65 years AIESEC has been impacting young people around the world. And yet we are often referred to as “The World’s Best Kept Secret.” Until Now!

With a midterm ambition to provide life-changing leadership development experiences to 1 million young people before the end of 2015, the organization is thinking big and making the brave decision to dramatically evolve. Economical, social and technological change demands responsible and entrepreneurial leaders who are both adaptable and globally minded. By its international nature, AIESEC has already succeeded in bringing together over 1 million young and talented minds to build a road towards a better future, where cultural and social boundaries are overtaken by international exchange of experiences and ideas. Understanding the world is the most powerful tool to change the world and this is what AIESEC aims to do.

This is why we do what we do. This is our contribution. Join us, and impact the future.

Here is some input by current and former AIESECERS who state how AIESEC for them is a way of life, nothing less than a movement that is aimed at developing humankind’s potential.

‘AIESEC really gets you out of your comfort zone. You’re exposed to so many new experiences and new people, and sometimes when you’re in a role, you may feel like you have no idea what you’re doing. That’s how you learn. You really need to embrace being uncomfortable or uncertain, and you’ll grow because of it.’

Krystal Hobbs (Recent graduate of Memorial University, former LCVP COMMS)


‘I joined AIESEC at the advent of my university years, and the journey that followed has perhaps been one the most memorable experiences I will ever associate myself with.  AIESEC has allowed me to grow as an individual and as clichéd as this may sound; it has aided me in discovering my true potential. It is

few of the only platforms where each experience – whether success or failure, counts and teaches beyond what an average university student learns in classroom or any other society. AIESEC has truly equipped with the most diverse pool of experiences, an AIESEC network – a family to turn back to and the opportunity to experience exchange in Cyprus. All in all, AIESEC is a lifestyle. A lifestyle I love having been a part of and always feel grateful for. It is gratifying; in terms of learning opportunities, trainings and conferences as well as a platform to enable change. For years, AIESEC has united the youth globally and has successfully altered perspectives all over the world, and as an AIESECer, I can vouch for this!’

– Amna Israr (Former LCVP- Talent Management- AIESEC in ISB)


‘With AIESEC, opportunities are vast and possibilities await you. AIESEC led me to learn, inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and face challenges. The thrill of working towards a new goal and materializing it is truly one of the best experiences for a student at an undergrad level. For me AIESEC is personal and professional growth. Join AIESEC to experience what I experienced.’

– Neha Ali (LCVP- OGX-AIESEC in ISB)

‘AIESEC is the only place where I can find my true self. I trust AIESEC and I know that whatever I’m doing is beneficial for me in one way or another. Everything I do here will and has helped me in every walk of life. The AIESEC journey has been one that has never been boring. Every day in AIESEC I have learned, explored and encountered something new. It’s not a cult, it’s not fake and its certainly not a fab. Its about people who want to change the world for the benefit of others and also so that they can truly give youth a purpose. A purpose was to define how the youth should be. This is why I love AIESEC. It represents something selfless. It represents something that contributes rather than takes and it shows that just one good deed can affect a million lives. AIESECERS don’t just love AIESEC, they love what AIESEC represents and that is to change the world; one exchange, one experience and one virtue at a time.’

– Fahad Jalil (Former LCP-AIESEC in ISB).


AIESEC is thus a way of life; it’s how individuals shape there lives. It teaches one to dream big and not be afraid. It opens the gates to endless possibilities. The six core values that AIESEC rests upon are apparent in the culture of the organization and its members.  AIESECers live diversity, they are molded in a manner that they demonstrate integrity; they enjoy participation in all occasions. AIESEC teaches its members to strive for excellence and nothing less. Through the AIESEC culture individuals are taught to act sustainably and to nullify any instance of possible failure from their lives.  AIESEC instills in its members the zeal and determination to strive for excellence! Its members love AIESEC and as its member base increases every year, the numbers of individuals determine to change things around and to initiate global peace and cultural exchange also increases.