AIESEC in Islamabad Holds Annual General Meeting 2014


Contributed by: Ayesha Khan

The Big Day was here! The day the entire LC had been waiting for, a day of mixed emotions, it was the day the new Executive Body was to take over but at the very same time the day we had to watch our previous EB exit the stage and do so with heavy hearts as the contribution they had offered throughout their term had been unparalleled and each and every day was a constant reminder of the AIESEC family they were a major part of.

The Annual General Meeting assigned for the 9th of March took place as planned at Islamabad Club. The meeting holds immense significance for the entire Local Committee as well as the Executive Bodies, as the previous EB is set out to list their achievements and term experiences while the elected EB is en-route to being transitioned and expected to state their rudimentary goals for their respective portfolios.

The dichotomy of emotions kicked in when the goal declaration of the elected EB and their much-anticipated interaction with the LC for the first official time came hand-in-hand with the bidding of farewell for previous EB. Through a collection of old pictures and videos the moment was turned into a very pleasant and an emotional trip down the memory lane. The formally clad LC members added to the professional outlook of the organization.

The Annual General meeting commenced with the EB introduction and transitioning and was concluded by rewarding the outgoing Executive Board members and also an excellent group of individuals who have proven their excellence through resilience and constant devotion.

These individuals were rewarded under specific categories that are listed as follows:

Portfolio Excellence in OGX – Usama Sohail
Portfolio Excellence in ICX – Marvi Baig
Portfolio Excellence in Projects – Eilaf Zehra
Portfolio Excellence in B&C – Ateeb Hamid Khan
Portfolio Excellence in ER – Mubashir Tareen
Portfolio Excellence in F&L – Haider Ali

Best New Member – Raja Ali Nawaz
Best New Initiative – Syed Fraz Ali

Best Team – (Annual Recruitment);
– Amna Naeem – OCP
– Usama Sohail – OCVP ER
– Hubrah Siddiqui – OCVP F&L
– Tahira Naseem – OCVP B&C
– Hammad Yousaf – OCVP Logistics

The Chair of the event and a former MCVP AIESEC Pakistan, Hayyan Khawar was presented with a beautiful bouquet of gladiolas for his presence.
The event formally concluded with a display of sentiments from the entire gathering as LC members embraced each other, specifically the former and the current EB members with acknowledgment.

The hall was flooded with cheers and exasperating displays of togetherness as photographs were being taken of the LC to be preserved as memories for the years to come. The transitioning had been completed, former mentors replaced by new heroes, goals had been stated and the stage for the EB (2014-2015) is now prepared!