Experience Islamabad: From the Eyes of AIESEC in Islamabad!

Compiled by: Amna Ahsan, Teamster, Branding and Communications

As we prepare to make one of the most exciting and phenomenal conferences of Islamabad happen, AIESECers tell us what they think the conference is going to be really like.

ImageExperience Islamabad is an event that will change your perspective of living your life. From a lineup of well-known national and international speakers to the interaction with the local participants, you will have an amazing time for sure.
– Yahya Khan Masud


Experience Islamabad is going to be massive; it will surely be a not-to-miss learning experience for all. So if you’re looking for an opportunity to learn while having fun then this is the place to be!

Hassan Tariq

ImageTo inspire, to train, and to empower the youth, Experience Islamabad is a conference aimed at developing youth leadership and bringing about a positive change in the society.
-Fiza Khawar

ImageAn exciting event and the only chance for Non-AIESECers to experience what we really do in AIESEC. A chance to be an AIESECer for 3 days following the road to awesomeness that is Experience Islamabad!
-Muhammad Annas

ImageExperience Islamabad will be a roller coaster ride! The best of this city cramped in 4 days is sure to leave you exhausted and exhilarated!
-Sarah Ansari

ImageInformative, exciting and lots of fun- that is what Experience Islamabad is going to be. If someone wants to know how AIESECers work, this is the best opportunity.
-Usama Sohail

ImageExperience Islamabad will be an engaging conference for both AIESECers and non-AIESECers alike. It’s an ideal platform for the youth to familiarize themselves with AIESEC and its culture as well as gaining hands-on training regarding entrepreneurship.

-Bilal Murtaza

ImageBeing an AIESEC conference, it promises to hone your leadership and business skills but with numerous business simulations, and also provides you an opportunity to peek into the professional world. While at it, you’ll also be experiencing the AIESEC culture. So be prepared for the best 3 days of your life!
-Saad Akbar


This three day conference is going to be an experience like none other, taking you through the exciting journey of realizing your potential and dreams. Lets Experience Islamabad, shall we?

-Ayesha Hayat Vaince