Experiencing Islamabad the AIESEC Way


Contributed by: Amna Ahsan, Teamster, Branding and Communications

Back in October, when I got recruited in AIESEC, I heard the old members talking about the Experience Islamabad conference. The sound of it made it look very appealing and I was more than curious to know what this was about. It took me some time to understand what that since, I was too frightened of being laughed at for not understanding what the conference was; I let time make me get a grip of it.

Starting from seeing the regular posts and updates on Facebook about the conference, I started to figure out the concept. Experience Islamabad posters about shaping a leader, about engaging the youth, about evaluating one’s own potential and exerting oneself in the positive direction made me realize that the three day conference aimed to bring the person I was out of me. While AIESEC continues to polish my skills, revamp my personality for good and motivate me with integrity, I realized Experience Islamabad is only going to be a step in this ladder.

I interacted with the Organizing committee members of the EI Conference who were busy putting in relentless efforts for this conference and working day and night to make the most productive event for youth happen in Islamabad. I realized, Experience Islamabad is not only a conference, but a training session that will give its participants food for thought and the ability to recognize the way to success. Next came putting in my efforts for Experience Islamabad Conference. Being an AIESECer I was present at the shootings of the promotional videos and was contributing with content for the conference such as this one. With that much exposure to the preparations that were taking place, I could partially visualize what this conference would be like. Partially, because there are still a lot of opportunities in store I have not been able to find out. Inviting non-AIESECers too, we’re about to have one of the most exciting, exhilarating, exhausting yet constructive conference, engaging the youth to work for the AIESEC vision, to bring peace and harmony and work for the betterment of the mankind.

I believe, Experience Islamabad, being a one of its kind for a conference is something that nobody should miss. I am ready to Experience Islamabad. Are you?