What It’s Like to be a New Member at AIESEC in Islamabad


Contributed by: Nehel Hafeez, Teamster, Branding and Communications

This one day, I saw a senior distributing AIESEC recruitment forms, and I decided that there was no harm in trying. I went ahead, filled and submitted that form. Not having the slightest idea about what AIESEC was, I did not take it seriously.

A few days later, I was recruited as an AIESEC member after extensive group activity and interview stages. It all started it here; never did I think that this platform would give me the chance to view this world outside of my comfort zone in such a way that I would enjoy participation. From attending General Body Meetings to going all the way to Lahore for a National Conference (NYDS) I learnt much more than I would have by only pursuing my university degree. I not only met people with extremely different perspectives but also learnt how to adjust in situations that contradict with my thinking. This 17-year-old did not realize what the world has out there but thanks to AIESEC in Islamabad, now I know.

So many opportunities await us only if we take the initiative and realize what AIESEC has to offer. AIESEC has not only given me experience and exposure but it has given me one BIG caring family where each member is ever ready to help. This is what AIESEC has taught me so far, and my journey towards learning and developing myself as a better individual continues with each passing day. Today, I take pride in being called an AIESECer.